Wainwright & Area

Information. Mentorship. Prevention. Action. Community. Team.

What we do

How we help our local community.


Offer a meeting place for the discussion of community based needs and a forum for accessing information, support or assistance from the committee as a whole.


Identify trends, needs, and gaps to compliment services that impact the wellness of community members.


Develop strategies, coordinate initiatives and foster improved coordination of  services and provide opportunities  for networking.


Promote discussion between partners to build capacity of IMPACT members to meet the needs of the community.


Work collaboratively to identify and remove barriers to wellness and to create healthy environments.


Provide community education and  awareness of health and wellness.

Our Initiatives

A look at what we have been working on in the community.

Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn't mean you can, should or need to do it alone.

Help build our community.

Defining IMPACT


Create awareness of community events, initiatives, organizations, and available supports. Provide evidence based resources and education.


Develop and foster positive relationships with partners and community members to encourage healthy lifestyles.


Enable people to increase control over and improve their health through up stream intervention and education with a focus on resiliency.


Plan, develop, and implement initiatives to support the needs of the community.


Supporting Wainwright and area to create a healthy, connected, resilient community.


Work collaboratively with partners towards shared objectives, programs and initiatives.

How we've helped

Hear it from our community.

We're in this together.