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Social determents of health

The social determents of health are the conditions in which we are born, we grow and age, and in which we live and work. The factors below impact our health and well being.  

Childhood experiences



Social support

Family income


Our communities

Access to health services

What is a Housing and Service Needs Estimation?

Since it’s launch in 2017, the project has completed over 50 community estimations and is a recipient of CMHC’s Gold Roof Award for Knowledge to Action.

The lack of data on homelessness in rural areas and the resulting difficulty many communities face in getting funding to address the issue — motivated the creation of the Rural Estimations initiative.
The Housing & Service Needs Estimation project is a large scale cooperative effort between organizations to gather data using the method outlined in a guide, suited for rural and remote settings.
The step-by-step guide was created by RDN to help provide accurate estimates of homelessness in rural and remote communities – which is inexpensive and can be tailored for specific situations or issues.
If completed, the estimation will provide a comprehensive picture of homelessness in the M.D of Wainwright and villages.
The needs project can inform service providers and municipal, provincial, federal policies, practices, and funding decisions.
The project can elevate and incorporate the voices of people experiencing homelessness in the solutions to end homelessness.

Help build our community.

Service mapping

Service mapping is a way to collect data on which services are and aren’t available in a rural or remote area.

Service mapping includes participation from community members, service providers, and other stakeholders.
It evaluates whether current services are appropriate for community members being served.

Mapping will provide an assessment of which services are underused, overused, or

Timeline & budget

The project has been broken down into seven phases, each based upon collecting data and using it to help provide accurate estimates of homelessness in our community. The budget of the Housing and Service Needs Estimation is $21,350.

Phase 1

The Project Kick Off

Phase 2 & 3

Materials Preparation & Training

Phase 4 & 5

Enumeration & Service Mapping

Phase 6

Data Entry, Analysis, & Reporting

Phase 7

Knowledge Mobilization

The big "why?" & the three legged stool

Investing in solutions to homelessness not only upholds housing as a fundamental human right, but also fosters economic growth within the community.

We're in this together.