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Make an IMPACT, through connection

We encourage you to make connections.


IMPACT wants to encourage you to connect with yourself, friends, family, and your community.


Each month there will be a way to connect and we encourage you to give it a try or recognize how you do it already.


Let us know about your connection by heading to our contact us page, and we will put your name in a draw to win a prize.

The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment, and ourselves in that moment!

What do we know?

Some facts about connection and why it’s important.

Connection to people, pets, experiences, and ourselves can
boost our mental health and wellness. It can be mutually beneficial when we share a laugh with a friend, a delicious meal with family, play with a pet or help the community. We can also take time for self-connection when we pause to listen to the birds, read a good book or try a new recipe. No matter how we choose to connect we can reap the benefits.

The Canadian Mental Health Association highlighted research that loneliness is on the rise and a lack of
human connection can be more harmful to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. When we engage in social connection anxiety and depression can be reduced, it helps us regulate our emotions, improves self-esteem and empathy, and can help improve our immune systems. 

There are times we may not feel like we have time to connect given busy schedules and when we are tired and feeling stressed, we may just want to be on our own. This is the time that we can connect with ourselves through hobbies, take time in nature, go for a walk, or curl up with popcorn and a good comedy. However we choose to refuel, we need to show ourselves the same compassion that we would someone we care about.

Get Started

We have put the 12 monthly ways to connect on magnets which you can pick up and take at some local restaurants, local libraries, Family Resource Network, FCSS and the Base Gym. Use the magnet to see how to connect each month and remember to tell us about how you decided to connect that month, for a chance to win a prize.

You can win!

Don’t forget to email Impact about how you decided to connect each month by following the prompts above and you’ll be entered for the chance to win a special prize!

We're in this together.