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Learn the risks of alcohol

The risks associated with drinking alcohol.

Coaster initiative

For our coaster initiative, we wanted to help our local community understand the risks with drinking alcohol.

Team effort

We worked as a team to create coasters with facts about use of alcohol and the risks that may be unknown to many users.

Local stores

We dropped off the coasters at local businesses, to be handed out to individuals willing to learn more!

Help build our community.

Did you know?

Review the facts on each coaster created.

Risks associated with drinking alcohol can be multiplied when drinking is combined with gambling, other drugs or cannabis.

Alcohol has been interwoven in some of our communities for many years. If you could increase community safety, vibrancy, health and well-being in how alcohol is consumed in your community, what would you suggest doing?

Plan alcohol-free days. Reduce risk and enhance your health. How could you spend this time without alcohol?

People drink alcohol for many reasons. One is to self medicate mental health concerns in an attempt to feel better. Alcohol may provide a temporary escape from stress but does not treat its underlying cause.

A hangover is one of the most immediate and common unwanted consequences of alcohol consumption. Hangover describes the group of symptoms that may follow excessive drinking.

Regular sleep is important for our health and well-being. It allows us to repair physical and psychological damage and function well in our waking lives. Drinking alcohol can disrupt the sleep cycle. It can change both the length and quality of our sleep.

A standard drink

Did you know the alcohol content in these beverages?

Beer/Cider/Cooler: 341ml (12 oz.) glass with 5% alcohol content.

Wine: 142 ml (5 oz.) glass with 12% alcohol content.

Distilled Alcohol: 43 ml (1.5 oz.) serving with 40% alcohol content (rye, gin, rum, etc.)

See the coasters

Are you drinking within Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines?

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