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Spread empathy far and wide

A deep dive into empathy

The meaning of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Impacts Initiative this month is to show you little ways to bring empathy alive with the people in your life. Being able to put ourselves in other people’s shoes is a core part of what makes us human. Be there, listen completely, and see the world through their eyes. It’s how to really help. #GetReal

Things to remember

Let’s spread empathy wherever we go.

Empathy is something you can learn. It’s a skill. It’s also something that can help.

When we try to understand each other, hate and fear just fall away. 

When you say “you are not alone” and really mean it, shows you’re a helping hand.

When someone is struggling, they don’t need you to fix it. They need you to understand. Before you weigh in, tune in.

As humans, we share an ability to imagine what life is like for others and see the world through someone else eyes.

A friend who’s struggling? You don’t need to solve their problems. Understanding is a
solution on its own.

Let's learn more

Learning is powerful. If you are serious about wanting to help others and want to learn how to use empathy in your own life, this link offers practical advice, articles and information to help you find your way. Before we weigh in, we must tune in.

We're in this together.