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Addictions don't discriminate

A glimpse into the complex world of addictions

Through the power of storytelling, this exhibit offers a glimpse into the complex world of addiction, uncovering the human experience that lies beneath the statistics and stigma. 

Lived experiences

Shared stories push us to look beyond someone’s substance use and into the lived experience of each individual with empathy and compassion, to help us understand that addictions don’t discriminate.  


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Please bring your own device and headphones (required for interactive QR codes).


Meet us at the Wainwright Communiplex Hall 1 & 2 at 700 – 2 Avenue, Wainwright, Alberta, T9W 1C4.

Free public viewing

Thursday, May 23rd from 9am-1pm. Public viewing is open for walkthroughs.

Community expo

Join Hailey & Mike Jones of Armor of Light Recovery with local speakers, mocktails, informational booths and goodie bags on Wednesday, May 22nd from 6pm-8pm.

Help build our community.

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Learn the factors that influence the development of an addiction

No one is destined from birth to develop an addiction. So why will approximately 6 million Canadians find themselves experiencing addiction at some point in their lives, while others can use substances without their use becoming problematic.
Addiction is often seen as a moral failing or character flaw, but research shows that like many chronic illnesses, there is a combination of genetic, developmental, social, and environmental factors that influence a person’s lived experience and their likelihood of developing an addiction.

Our sponsors

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to our sponsors and presenters for orchestrating a remarkable event, offering us a profound insight into the complex realm of addiction.

We're in this together.