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In Partnership with Participation

Sit Less & Move More

Our local IMPACT committee partnered up with Participation (a new annual physical activity challenge that rallies communities to sit less and move more), and placed Community Toy Boxes at certain playgrounds within the community. This will be a great addition for our communities children to utilize while at their favorite playgrounds. We ask that everyone respects the equipment and puts it back in the storage container when done with it.

Sun Safety

You and your baby or child can sunburn in less than 15 minutes (depending on the UV index value).

Babies are born without a developed skin protection system, so they burn more easily than adults.

Even children born to parents of dark skin need full sun protection.

In strong sunlight, have children wear a rimmed, breathable sun hat & sunglasses and cover their skin with clothes and sunscreen.

When applying sun screen make sure to pay close attention to areas that are more exposed like lips, face, ears, neck, shoulders, back and tops of feet.

Remember sun screen will protect against the suns harmful UV rays, but will not protect children from the heat. 

Time To Play

You can find the community toy boxes boxes at the following playgrounds:
– 2nd Avenue Tot Playground
– Wallace Park Playground
– Peace Memorial Park Playground
– Bevan’s Playground
– Kinsmen Park Playground

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