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Be The 'I' In Kind

Random Acts Of Kindness

For the month of February, Impact teamed up with the Town of Wainwright to Be the ‘I’ in Kind! We asked the people of our community to stop by the Town Office and have their photo taken in front of a mural, holding a sign that said a kind thing they have done for someone else in the last month! We thought stopping by ourselves on Pink Shirt Day (a day created to raise awareness to bullying) was a perfect fit!

A Few Facts

Canadian teachers ranked cyberbullying as their issue of highest concern. 89 per cent said bullying and violence are serious problems in our public schools.

One-third of the population has experienced bullying as a child or a teenager,  and 40% or nearly half of Canadians are bullied in the workplace every week.

1 in 7 kids in school in Canada have been a victim of bullying in school this year and 1 in 5 kids have witnessed cyberbullying against their friends and peers.

See For Yourself

We're in this together.